Institut for Political Research
and Consulting

The Institute for Political Research and Consulting (IFB) is active in a variety of fields related to political and social sciences. The activities of the Institute can be divided into three main Areas: research, consulting and teaching. The interaction of these three areas makes up the distinctive character of the Institute's political and sociological orientation.

By combining research, consulting and teaching into an integrated whole, the IFB pursues a clear objective: to establish a link between theory and practice.

With its orientation to political and social sciences, the IFB provides extensive research and consultancy services that meet high scientific standards. For this purpose, the Institute works together with a number of scientists from German and international research institutions who participate in the IFB projects as freelancers. Within the framework of this cooperation, interdisciplinary projects are implemented throughout Germany for partners from the fields of science, economy and politics.

Teaching is a major activity of the IFB. Courses, lectures and professional training on topics of political science are offered by its members at German universities and colleges.


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Welcome to the
Institute for Political
Research and Consulting.

Yours, Ingo Naumann