Institut for Political Research
and Consulting

The IFB is currently focused on the following projects and research:

Participatory research:

  • A comparative study of participatory budgeting and its implementation forms in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Baseline study for understanding participation within German society, taking into account the conditions of access of different forms of participation

Party research:

  • An analysis of the national associations of Free Voters and their attempts at party political establishment at the provincial level
  • The influence of political parties in rural communities - Analysis of party structures in rural areas
  • A comparative study of the areas of activity of voter communities in the Federal Republic of Germany under  consideration of the opportunities and limitations of their political action at the local level

Research on Internal Security:

  • Failed States as triggering factors for destabilization of internal security in the Federal Republic of Germany

Study of Democracy:

  • Can democratization efforts result in authoritarian states for the emergence of failed states?