Institut for Political Research
and Consulting

As part of its political science teachings, the IFB offers courses, lectures and training courses on a variety of political subjects. Besides, there is the option of creating a real or, where appropriate, virtual platform to discuss and work on political issues, such as the problems of research methodology, problems in practice, and simulations.

The expertise of the IFB covers a range of topics, from local politics to the comparison of political systems. Our programme comprises events dealing with citizen participation, as well as country comparisons and seminars on internal security with a focus on extremism and terrorism.

What’s more, the IFB offers seminars and training courses on the application of academic techniques. In our days, recurring accusations of plagiarism make it more important than ever to master the correct use of academic techniques. Unfortunately, many universities and colleges do not offer adequate training in this field. This is where the IFB steps in: with its range of seminars and professional training courses, it helps meet the requirements of today’s knowledge-based society.