Institut for Political Research
and Consulting

The IFB performs research on political and social issues and focuses on the following key topics:

  • Comparative research (e.g. forms of citizen participation, local politics, country comparison)
  • Developments/issues/problems in civil society (e.g. citizen participation, social networks, voluntary commitment, strengthening local communities)
  • Local politics (e.g. regional conflict research, regional projections, fields of activity of local politics, (de)centralisation of local government decisions, political field of activity: rural areas)
  • Urban and regional issues and problems (e.g., housing and community development, vocational and social integration, public and social services, quality of life in the community)

A holistic approach, as well as an interdisciplinary and empirical orientation are the key features that characterise our research at the IFB. Here, we focus mainly on the spheres of local and regional policies as well as state and federal policies. On behalf of our clients, we examine issues and problems from different points of view and analyse them according to different criteria. From these results, a variety of different solutions are then proposed.

Based on relevant qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation and analysis, our research and project work includes the implementation of:

  • qualitative interviews and discussions with experts
  • sampling, public opinion and representative surveys
  • polls
  • analyses of conventional and digital media
  • case studies in public and private institutions and enterprises

Another focus of the IFB is its methodical basic research. This includes:

  • method oriented studies (e.g. secondary analysis, integration studies and simulations)
  • analysis of political and social issues and planning problems
  • evaluation studies

Where necessary, the above methods of investigation and research are extended to include other approaches such as moderation, meditation and simulation.

The IFB also offers indirect support and monitors projects in these research areas. With its range of consulting and advanced training programmes, it provides third-party services to clients who need assistance for their own research projects, giving support and advice in evaluation and quality assurance procedures, in the development of research designs, game experiments and simulations, as required. The Institute also offers support for the full implementation of projects.

In addition to this, the IFB also takes on the assessment of national and international trade media as well as the daily press. The results of these assessments are made available to the client in an edited form.

Through its versatile methodological orientation, the IFB is fully prepared to meet its clients’ wide range of consulting and research requirements. The IFB is thus in a position to provide comprehensive services from a single source.